The Importance Of Dampers In A Heating And Air Conditioning System

Heating and air conditioning systems keep us comfortable when we are indoors. These set ups keep us warm and cozy in cold winter evenings and it keeps us cool and comfy on hot summer mornings. They are efficient with the use of the right sensors like thermostats to maintain and regulate the temperature of the indoor atmosphere. Another device and equipment used to maintain and regulate the temperature through controlling and manipulating the air flow is the duct dampers.

Regulating the Air Flow in A Heating and Air Conditioning System

To be able to utilize the use of a duct damper properly and effectively in a heating and air conditioning system, you need to divide the area, your house for example, into different sections. This process is called zoning. Each zone in your house or area will have its own duct and duct damper to regulate the air flow there. This set up is very energy efficient and works effectively helping you cut back on energy costs without sacrificing service efficiency. The duct damper in each zone can open and close to direct and manipulate the heated or cooled air to only go where it needs to be, saving time and energy by preventing the unnecessary heating or cooling of other areas of the home that are currently not being used.

Duct Damper Maintenance

To maintain an efficient and effective heating and air conditioning system, it is important to keep its parts clean and calibrated. Clean your duct damper regularly to allow it to perform in its best and to avoid clogs. You duct damper will also need to be adjusted and calibrated from time to time. Calibrating a duct damper shouldn’t be too difficult for the modern duct dampers are now usually installed with an easy access hatch on your vents. Proper maintenance will also help you lower your expenses for their will be less repairs and damages in your overall heating and air conditioning system