Finding Canvas Prints Isn’t As Difficult As You’d Think

Canvas N Décor is the most popular printing canvas store that you can find online. It is a private company that has been servicing the photo industry for the past 15 years. Having reputable clients, such as Walt Disney, Coca-Cola, Costco Photo Centre, Walmart Photo Centre, and Black’s Photography, is the main reason why it became famous all over the world. This is also the fastest printing store, within 3-4 business days you’ll have your customized prints. This store is perfect for people who want to save a lot of money. They offer promotional discounts and free canvas print, with a size of 8×8 HD metal, if you purchase their products cost more than one hundred dollars.

Buying Canvas Prints From A Reliable Source

Canvas printing is a trend in our generation and there are a lot of stores offered this kind of service. Canvas prints easily transform your dull house to look into an attractive and elegant one. It completes your home décor and makes your furniture look better. Living in a well-decorated home feels much better and it is possible with the help of canvas prints. When purchasing a canvas print, make sure that you are buying from a reliable store that offers quality products at an affordable price. You can read different reviews online to check if the store is trustworthy.

Tips on Buying Canvas Prints

Before buying any canvas prints, you must check if it was produced by professionals and photos were taken by photographers. The photos should edit on software, cropped promptly and the canvas, as well as the ink, should be professional grade. This will ensure a high-quality canvas print and can’t fade easily. It is also important to conduct comparison in various stores to find which is more affordable. Customer service of the store must also consider because it will assist you with your product’s order and concern.

When Planning A Wedding, Don’t Forget The “Save The Date” Cards

Planning a wedding is very meticulous and toilsome. You got a lot of details to get into, and a lot of work needed to be done. When planning a wedding, one of the most important parts of it is the invitation of guests. It must not be overlooked, or it will bring a long-lasting effect to the accidentally uninvited loved ones and friends.

Plan ahead on who will be invited

It’s best to have a list of people that will be invited to the wedding. If you are planning to have your wedding in the next couple of months or in the next year, it is good to have the list of people to be invited. To do that, you can start with the ones closest to you, your family members, relatives, friends, then you end up with other acquaintances.

Planning and listing down the names of the people to be invited will give you a good idea of the number of people that will be at your wedding. This will also give you an idea of the budget you need to prepare for food, accommodations, and other things.

Alert them by sending save the date cards

After you have created your list of invited ones, send them the “save the date card” specially crafted by Pixajoy. This will alert them that you will invite them to your wedding and you will send further details in the future.

Mind you, that your list of invited individuals to not have their role yet in the wedding. You can put them on a specific role later when you and your partner have finalized the different parts of the wedding. That is the time where you can specify their role in the wedding and place it in your wedding invitations. It depends on how you create your invitations to make them unique and impressive.