Is It Difficult To Shift Gears On A Motor Bike?

You may have read or heard some things about shifting gears in motorbikes – that they are hard to do for some riders. But contrary to such belief, the process of shifting gears in motorbikes is not that hard at all. As long as you have learned how shifting gears work in your motorbike, you will be able to do so with great ease.

Know the Controls in Shifting Gears

To know the process behind shifting gears and why they are not that hard at all, check these tips and other details from Website. First of all, you have to learn and master the controls that are used in doing them. One, you have to know the location of the shift lever, which is at the left foot side of the motorbike. You will find it once you get on the bike and place your left foot on the foot peg. All you have to do is to press the lever with your foot to get into the first gear. And for you to shift into the higher gears, you have to move the shift lever up right after pushing it down.

Aside from that, you also to know how to use the clutch to shift your gears effectively. This is located on the left side of your bike’s handlebar, with your left hand controlling it. All you have to do to activate it is to get the lever before squeezing it fully. And lastly, you also have to know how to use the throttle of your bike, which you can control by twisting it on the grip of the right handlebar.

When Can You Shift Gears?

You can shift gears in a motorbike when you are going to start it, when you are going to shift to the higher gears, or when you are going to downshift to get more power or use your brakes. By shifting gears in these times, doing so will never be hard.