Some Studies Say CBD Can Help People Quit Smoking

Although cannabis is considered as some sort of addiction, some of its compounds contain elements that can actually contribute in treating addictions. There are studies that have proven how the enndocannabinoid system is relative in modulating a certain addictive behaviour of a person.  While other studies revealed that  can be a substitute for more drug addiction as well as alcohol.

CBD, a compound extracted from Cannabis, can absolutely help people quit from smoking cigarettes. A compound found in cannabis may help people find cigarettes less appealing, scientist says.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) smoking cigarettes can kill about 7 million people every year. WHO also identified that there are 7, 000 chemicals where 250 of those are bad for human and 69 of those can literally cause cancer.

CBD oils can be poured into a vape pen and work like an actual cigarette. Royal CBD offers CBD Vape Pens. However, not all CBD can be put on Vape Pens. There is another type of CBD oil known as E-liquid. There are reasons why you should vape CBD. Continue reading to know more.

  • First, it takes up to 56 percent of of the CBD content that will  go to your bloodstream once you consume CBD oil through vaping.
  • Second, vapes are easily accessible in the market. It is also convenient to use. You just need to load your vape pen with CBD oil and inhale the CBD vapor to your lungs.
  • Third, You can control the dosage of CBD you will intake  since a normal vape tank can only consume 1 ml of CBD oil.
  • Lastly, it is an enjoyable method of consumption. CBD oil is considered by many as a fun way of vaping.

You may now begin quitting from your hobbit of smoking harmful cigarettes. Try CBD Oil Vape Pens.