Permanent Makeup: Is It Safe?

Wondering if it’s safe to get makeup permanently? After all, it is a lot more complicated than your average at-home beauty treatment. In some ways, this makeup type is more advanced than traditional tattoos. It uses a thinner needle and is often administered by a medical professional. However, you should also know that permanent-looking makeup is less risky than getting a traditional tattoo. If you’re thinking about getting a permanent makeup procedure, here’s everything you need to know.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure that uses tattooing to apply pigment to the skin in order to give it color or cover any scars, such as acne, chickenpox, and shingles. This can be an attractive option for people who may not feel confident without makeup. It is generally used as a way to improve facial features like eyebrows and eyeliner. Permanent makeup could also be used as an alternative for corrective surgery for burn victims and those with large birthmarks.

Is Permanent Makeup Safe?

The safety of this type of makeup depends on the artist and the procedure. Tattooing isn’t regulated by authorities, so it doesn’t have to meet any specific standards. With that said, medical professionals are typically better equipped to perform permanent cosmetic treatments than non-medical personnel. Medical professionals often use a thinner needle and follow guidelines set forth by the governing medical authorities.

Why Get This Procedure?

There are many reasons why people opt for this type of procedure. Some people may want to cover scarring or acne, while others may have tattoos that they don’t like anymore and want to cover up. Permanent makeup also has a lot of benefits. For example, it looks natural and can usually be done in just one visit, which means you won’t have to worry about touchups. It also provides coverage for injuries and disabilities that affect a person’s ability to apply makeup.